7,000 years ago, two titanic powered races clashed in a bloody civil war; one side fought for immortality, the other struggled for its right to live.  The intense conflict triggered the overload of a large crystal warehousing their surplus magic and exploding on such a large scale, it destroyed a civilization, and irrevocably twisted a world.

Since the Shattering, four powerful factions have risen to vie for control over the Ancient’s remnant magic.  A new member reluctantly joins the faction dedicated to freely share and teach magic, called the Order of the Silver Shield.  However, the newcomer knows nothing of the pivotal role she has yet to play.

Angeline, a nearly orphaned 13 year old, is gifted with unnaturally powerful abilities that could endanger the tenuous balance of nature and what little peace still exists.  Before she begins her new life, Angeline must come to terms with the eradication of her family during the Unholy Crusade.

As the young girl is hunted down, she discovers in her travels to stay alive, that an insane, undead dragon orchestrated the deaths of her family.  This fuels and ignites an intense revenge in her, pushing Angeline over the edge, and driving her to train with the secretive organization at the Amber Enclave.